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Nations Construction Sri Lanka (NCSL)

Nations Construction continues to be dedicated to providing an honest, responsive and professional approach to all projects. Nations Construction is a general contracting and construction management firm serving Sri Lanka. Nations Construction has multiple dedicated long-term crews that are available to provide the most sensitive or critical of services to meet each client’s needs.

“We are accustomed to fast paced, specialized environments and feel confident that this is what separates us from the rest. We are a niche company that is large enough to handle several multi-million rupees projects at a time, but small enough that a client will be dealing with one of the owners on a regular basis throughout the project. We pride ourselves on serving our clients in this complex and demanding industry.


“To be a World Class Engineering Organization”


“To be a World Class Engineering Organization, acquiring excellence in Engineering, Architecture and Quantity Surveying, utilizing state of the art technology, with a highly motivated, trained and skilled workforce rewarded appropriately for their contribution in the optimum use of resources for the maximum benefit to mankind”

Our expert team

Our teams are always continuously updated on latest technology and standard through constant training and supervision to meet international construction and safety regulations. We believe in people. “Nations” gains expertise and knowledge not in through state-of-the-art technology and protocols, but mainly from our dedicated team. Stringent criteria is employed in the selection of personnel to maintain the high standards we aspire to. “Nations” Provides personal training and familiarization programs to all new recruits. Our employees are encouraged to engage in research and keep abreast of current market trends and customer requirements. “Nations” Staff are well groomed and well behaved, trustworthy and disciplined at all times

Our story

Our teams are always continuously updated on latest technology and standard through constant training

NCSL’s excellence is based on the solutions we provide for our client satisfaction. Our building designs are unique and the whole construction process is under the supervision of qualified and experienced engineering and technical teams who are dedicated to completion of the project on time. Hence the durability and affordability of NCSL constructed building is guaranteed.

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